For the creation of the VIP room of the ARCOmadrid event, we wanted to investigate the experiences of the regular assistants to the International Contemporary Art Fair, and once the multiple versions were revealed, we decided to bet on a project which transmits emotions beyond its design. 

Inside the venue, the visitors are absorbed by a spiral of debauchery that makes them keep their senses constantly on alert. The explosion of images, the barrage of information, the beauty of many of the works on display… often make people feel like children when they arrive at an amusement park.

Once our philosophy was clear, some new challenges arose: the design had to be ephemeral, innovative, contemporary, outstanding and made with recyclable materials.

The ephemeral character of the place is given by its own essence. This is the “VIP” room for an event lasting less than a week. Thanks to its short permanence, we can dare to create a space with an immediate visual impact, which draws everyone’s attention and is welcoming and attractive from the first time. While the design stimulates the senses, it is also a pleasant, colourful and avant-garde place.

Aware of respect for the environment, we seek to develop a sustainable project, with minimal environmental impact so the choice of materials was of paramount importance. The most essential thing was that materials had to be minimally chemically treated, and of course, recyclable.

Cardboard became our most important ally, and the soul of the project. Doubly ecological, being in itself a product composed of other recycled products, it can be reused and recycled multiple times. In addition to all these advantages, its light weight and ease of transportation are of the utmost importance, thus achieving vital energy savings. Malleable, resistant, with infinite possibilities of shape and size, the cardboard was the “skeleton” of the room. Using different figures in size and shape, most of the space was structured using this magnificent material.

When it comes to “dressing” this kind of spine, its fabrics must be natural and of good quality. Therefore, silk and cotton will be the chosen materials for the realisation of all the cushions and upholstery.

The spaces are delimited and defined by their different shapes and textures. It welcomes us and connects us.