Collado Villalba Pavilion

The new pavilion appears before the viewer as a serene and resounding building made up of two stacked volumes.

The lower, opaque volume corresponds to the existing level, which extends to the rear of the site to the car park and the new track. The new volume, on top, is a piece of apparent simplicity which creates a game of voids and solids on its skin according to the internal arrangement of the pavilion. This new envelope gives uniformity and formal coherence to the complex. The difference in height required between the two main spaces allows to uniform the cornice of the building.

The proposed set absorbs the existing construction in its proportions. Its main access is retained along Calle Feria, which is diverted towards each of the sides of the building and the various accesses to both sportive areas.

The proposal aims to achieve an integration of the building with the facilities located on the other side of Calle Feria, through the generation of a public space. The main characteristic of this new “plaza” are the terraces, which include a mixed use of vegetation, urban facilities and paving. These terraces act as a guide to the main accesses, both for pedestrians and vehicles

The new terraces respect the existing vegetation at the eastern and southern ends and leave green areas that accommodate specific units of existing trees. The vegetation that will be incorporated into the proposal will be native and respectful of the existing species currently in the building’s surroundings, made up of fir, banana and pine trees.