The Concrete Building

The Green Mesh Building represents an architectural landmark fusing tradition and avant-garde in a contemporary design. Located in the heart of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

This building stands out for its imposing concrete structure, which gives it a solid and robust appearance. Its façade is composed of large glazed panels that blend harmoniously into the overall design. These glazed panels allow plenty of natural light to enter the interior of the building, creating a bright and pleasant atmosphere throughout the building.
The morphology of the building is particularly interesting. It is designed so that the morphology wraps around a central courtyard, leaving a void in the middle of the building. This courtyard adds beauty and serenity to the surroundings, serves an important function by providing cross ventilation and an additional source of natural light.

Sustainability was a fundamental aspect in the design of this building. The inclusion of large glazed panels not only increases daylighting, but also reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day. Renewable energy systems, rainwater harvesting, and eco-sustainable building materials have been used.