Core Suites Apartments

In one of the most coveted areas of Valencia, Avenida de Francia, a unique building has been built. It is a touristic residential building whose uniqueness is noticed both externally and internally. Through its composition and its materials, the building must enhance the wellbeing of the users achieving the feeling of being in a unique environment.

Externally, one is able to appreciate the innovation on the front elevation which, rationalised by an organised white geometry, transforms the movement of the sunlight into a spectacle along the day. The composition also breaks the traditional scheme of stacked stories offering in exchange a design with a classic reminiscence where base, body and finial are recognised. 

The high quality external materials have been combined with the effort of all the participants of the project where, under the white colour which frames the volumes, the textures of the panels, glazing and openings are combined. 

The access to the building is through a hall where a backlit desk made of marble welcomes the customers whilst a vertical garden and a timber panelling invite them to see beyond.

Inside the apartments, where the internal and external limits are diffuse thanks to the dimension of the huge window frames and the continuity of ceilings and pavings. The terraces, wrapped up with a glazed balustrade and the same materials used in the facade, offer a gorgeous view to the city, enhancing the experience of the unique interior. 

The main space, where an open kitchen, dining and living room are located, gives access to two complete suites. All these internal rooms are exquisitely decorated, where materials, furniture, lighting and fabrics combine vegetable and urban textures. It was of the main importance that the inhabitants feel the space as their own home.

The attic floor lets the users contemplate the city, framed by the finial of the elevation. It is on this floor where the swimming pool and the solarium are located, as well as a spectacular penthouse.

Sustainability is a key element of the project. The building was designed from the beginning to achieve a rational use of the materials during the construction and along its life.

BREEAM accredited as “Very Good” the sustainability and energy efficiency levels. BREEAM verified the use of materials and the construction techniques to be respectful with the environment.

The selection of the materials and their combination required a huge technical effort and an exemplary involvement of all the participants, from the owners, the architects, the engineers, the interior designer, the construction company and all manufacturers and suppliers.