Garrido Studio

The office, located in the Eixample of Valencia, is carried away by the best kept secrets of this area. The high ceilings, the charm of the wooden joinery and the natural light that diffuses the spaces are the most present elements to start designing.

This work environment must be a different space, a space that arouses sensations. That creative emotion is sought where ingenuity and innovation reach out that touch of personality.

As soon as you enter, the false wooden ceiling produces a surprise effect. It has an organic shape which wraps up the connecting space like a warm and welcoming skin. This wooden framework is the first impression of the space and it is the image that characterises this office.

The end of the corridor is a room with pleasant wooden profiles that expands its limits towards a terrace and natural light. The office has a creative sensibility that does not forget the functionality, naturalness and efficiency of all environments.

The design allows for small day-to-day meetings and facilitates coexistence. It is a functional element that orders common services in an easy, comfortable and simple way. The exposed brick is left as a gesture towards the authentic origins of the building, in contrast to the grey of the concrete used in the kitchen.

The chosen materials, such as the timber floor, the white painting on the walls and the internal glazing, create a feeling of spaciousness, flexibility and lightness. The journey through the different environments seeks the softness of the materials.