NY Living cities competition 2nd Prize
The building is located in Brooklyn, in a privileged area close to the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge. Besides the excellent views, the reasons for choosing this site are as follows:

– To bet on the reactivation of the degraded urban space, empty as a consequence of the closure of the port activity.

To contribute to the regeneration of one of the main assets of Brooklyn and New York, such as the promenades.

It is close to the port, which lowers the cost of transporting the steel the building requires and reduces the emission of greenhouse gases.

– Using the maritime transport allows us to make the steel span shorter, so both the time and the construction costs will be lower.

– Brooklyn, in addition to being the most populous district in New York, is the ideal district to build vertically

There are not too many things that represent New York other than a sum of flows – of air and people – and it is these flows that give the building its shape and name.

We propose a design where the structure has a broad relevance, following the tradition of some of the best buildings of the modern movement in New York. These ideas, along with the relationship with the environment, innovation, and sustainability, are what underlie the design concept. The golden ratio implemented in the conceptual design is also a look back at the principles used in some of the best architecture in the city.

The building is an open nexus between Brooklyn Bridge Park and Furman Street, and the platforms placed on the lower stages follow the paths of the park, beginning the sequence that forms the spiral of the tower.