STA Residential
The STA residential complex is located in a privileged setting in front of the Golf de Bétera in Valencia. Each one of the 26 single-family homes has been carefully thought of with a sophisticated and elegant design.

Sustainability and energy efficiency were key while designing the project. The premise is simple: to optimise the energy and available resources, not only by reducing their impact on the environment, but also while obtaining economic savings.

Some characteristics of this efficient design are the use of green roofs or cantilevered brise-soleils for solar protection.

These two stories dwellings are distributed in two zones: day and night. The day zone is on the ground floor with a spacious living room and large windows which connect to the private garden, and the night zone on the first floor where the bedrooms are.

The community area has huge extensions of green space that all owners can use, playground, swimming pool and recreational area.

El cliente solicitó que los apartamentos proporcionaran estancias similares a “estar en casa” e incluso se pudieran destinar a residencia de larga duración. Desde esa visión se han diseñado unos apartamentos en los que la elección de materiales y composición de los apartamentos respondiera a estas expectativas.

La sostenibilidad medioambiental ha sido un elemento central del diseño, obteniendo el certificado BREEAM.