Thyssen Dubai

A singular architectural beacon that emerges to illuminate the city of lights but in a completely new way. Designed to symbolize the festive and effervescent spirit of Dubai, this tower is a modern torch, an allegory for the bonfires that for many years have been meeting points for our ancestors. It is a spiral of light that surrounds us and draws us in, taking us into a world of emotions and experiences.

This architectural landmark defies the rules and function follows the form, or even it can be said that function and form are equal. The tower rises majestically from the ground, supported by an interlocking metal skin, creating a structure that resembles an upward spiral into the Dubai night sky.

As visitors venture inside this unique tower, they are surrounded by increasingly brighter light as they ascend. The spiral that covers the structure creates a sense of anticipation and excitement as people walk towards the top of the tower.

The impact of this tower on visitors is difficult to measure, while entering to the tower and ascend, it will experience a gradual transformation in the perception of the Thyssen. The city, known for its glitz and excess, takes on a new life and a new dimension through this architectural masterpiece. It is a beacon that not only illuminates the city, but also lights up the imagination and senses of those fortunate enough to explore it.

In a city where convention is often left behind in favour of boldness and innovation, this tower of light stands as a symbol of the city to reinvent itself again and again, taking architecture and the visitor experience to new and unexplored horizons. It is a torch of inspiration that guides all those who wish to discover the magic of this dazzling city.