The Infinity Building

Standing majestically in the heart of the bustling city of Taipei with a bold vision and a commitment to innovation, this iconic building has been called “The Infinity”.

Its distinctive shape is what draw the attention of observers the most. The building is composed of two perfect circles that overlap each other, creating the appearance of an infinity symbol on the city’s skyline. The larger outer circle represents the embrace of nature, with a facade that includes vertical gardens that spread across the heights of the building.

The smaller inner circle is dedicated to functionality and energy efficiency. Its facade is cover with solar panels and smart glass that capture and regulate solar energy, converting it into electricity for the building. It also has a series of wind turbines strategically placed to harness the energy of the wind flowing between the two circles. This symbiosis between nature and technology is a manifestation of the building’s sustainable vision.

The idea behind “The Taipei Infinity” building has been designed to maximise energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable practices in everyday life.